I work with many of the large, mid-sized, and small law firms in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area and maintain ongoing and close relationships with those specialized attorneys. I have also been involved with law firms and legal projects in the following states and countries.

All Midwestern States Australia
Alabama Brazil
Arizona Canada
California Chile
Connecticut England
Georgia France
Hawaii Mexico
Louisiana India
Kentucky Ireland
Maine Israel
Mississippi Nigeria
Montana Malaysia
New Jersey Qatar
New York Saudi Arabia
North Carolina Scotland
North Dakota Singapore
Oklahoma South Africa
Oregon Syria
Pennsylvania Thailand
South Carolina  
West Virginia  

Through my relationships, I can generally locate top quality and cost effective specialized counsel within 48 hours in any country or for any specialized legal practice.

Marty is as good as it gets. We value our relationship with him a great deal. He is to the point and very accurate. The best part about Marty is you get great advice, and every time his invoice arrives - it feels smaller than it should be. I tell anyone looking for a legal counselor to only make one call – and that is to Marty.

Keith Korsi
Trissential, LLC
Hartland, Wisconsin

Innovative in thought, case preparation and trial strategy, a proven leader in litigation management with an eye for relevant detail, and possessing a keen knowledge of the law of the land, Mr. Ditkof exemplifies that which all U.S. lawyers should strive to be in their professional lives.

Will Lewis
Former Partner
Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough
Charleston, South Carolina

I have yet to find better legal advice from someone who knows more about their boundries and understanding of different fields than Marty Ditkof. Even in the highly regulated field of aviation Mr. Ditkof did what he could and stood by our side with other attorneys to handle unique situations.

Scott Markel
Owner Corporate Aircraft Consulting LLC

Contact Martin Ditkof:
(414) 581-8911

Martin L. Ditkof is an attorney residing in Brookfield, Wisconsin and licensed to practice law in the states of Wisconsin and Michigan in the United States. At times, with the permission of local courts, he will appear in courts located in other jurisdictions.